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tinted glass
By Amy Pearson November 21, 2022

Tinted glass comes with many benefits for both you and your home or your working environment. From your health to privacy to protecting your furniture, tinting your windows and glass can be an excellent move for you. It can, however, be tough to know if it is the right choice. Here we will look at tinted glass, and the general costs to help you decide if you should take the leap of tinting your windows today.

What is the purpose of tinted glass?

What is the purpose of tinted glass

Tinted glass refers to glass that has been treated or coated in order to change the impact of light as it passes through. Most commonly this is done to reduce the glare of the sun and allow you to enjoy your windows all day, to control the heat and light coming in, or to increase your privacy. Many cars, for example, have tinted windows for both privacy and light reasons, though it is illegal in many places to have treated glass on the entire front windscreen of your car.

There are many different types of window film and tints, with different colours, thicknesses and coverage against light and visibility. Most films available will filter out the UV rays that can be harmful to your health. Up to 99% of these rays can be kept out with the right treatment, but tinted glass also keeps out the heat and visible light as well. This can prevent your furniture and furnishings from fading, a common issue with windows that are not tinted. You will often see the effects in your or someone else’s homes and businesses, and it can make the place look worn and outdated. The prevention of fading is one of the key purposes of tinted glass.

Another similar outcome and key purpose of tinted glass is that as well as preventing your furniture from fading, controlling the amount of sun, heat and light entering your windows also helps to keep your rooms cooler in the hotter months. You can reduce your air conditioning use and save money in the long run by installing tinted glass. 

Reducing the glare from the sun is an important factor in both businesses and your home. Instead of trying to use blinds or other less effective means to keep the sun out of your eyes without entirely leaving you in the dark, getting your windows tinted means you can keep your curtains open and offer an unobstructed view for clients and families alike. You can also keep out nosy neighbours, relax and enjoy your privacy without closing your blinds due to the increased tint.

Does tinting home windows void warranty?

Does tinting home windows void warranty

As to whether treating your windows will result in a loss of warranty, the answer is unfortunately often yes. Any tampering or alterations in your home windows will usually result in the company voiding your warranty, though you should always check your own policy beforehand. Some may make allowances for tinting but as the coating or treatment is applied to the windows and frames themselves your warranty provider may say that the procedure ends your policy.

Always read the fine print in any warranty or policy before you make any decisions. Each company and warranty can differ and may put you off getting your windows tinted, though you may decide that the benefits outweigh the costs.

Is glass tinting expensive?

When you are thinking about the expense of glass tinting it is important to consider not only the cost to get it done but the impact of tinted windows on your house overall. Firstly there are clear benefits to your peace of mind, allowing for greater privacy and resulting in you having your curtains or blinds open more often, letting you enjoy your views year round. 

Further, and perhaps most importantly in the current climate, tinted windows can save you money on your energy bill over time. The treatment or coating on the windows reflects back the sun’s heat meaning your interior will stay cooler in the summer. You will therefore spend much less on your air conditioning and cooling bills than without tinted windows. 

As to the actual cost, it can vary depending on the colour and tint that you are looking for, and what kind of windows or glass you are looking to treat. A rough guide is somewhere between $5 and $8 per square foot on average for the materials with labour and installation on top. If you choose a quality and good value company like SolarGraph Glass Tinting in Sydney you can get a good deal and know that the job will be done right.


To Recap:

  • Tinted glass comes in many types and colours, and is a wonderful addition to any car, home or business.
  • It offers plenty of benefits to your health and happiness including protection from UV rays, the ability to keep your windows exposed and free from curtains and blinds so you can have an unobstructed view without the glare, and gives you added privacy as well. 
  • The positive impacts of tinted glass on your air conditioning bill in summer and the longevity of your furniture, carpets and floors by controlling the amount of heat and visible light coming in are huge and superior to other films or treatments that you can find.
  • While you may find that getting your windows tinted can void your warranty, you should always check the fine print before you make any decisions, and you may well find that you decide it is worth it regardless. 
  • Getting your windows or glass tinted does of course come with an initial expenditure, but the cost pales in comparison to the value tinted windows will add to your life. You will find that you make back your money over time as you see the impact that the tint has on your air conditioning use. 

Check out the options available today and see if getting your windows tinted is the right step for you.

Amy Pearson