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By Amy Pearson June 5, 2022

Work is an unavoidable part of life for almost all of us, and if you work in an office then this can be an experience that ranges from a light, airy and happy one to a dark and oppressive fluorescently lit hell.  Obviously the former is the preferred option, but there is a surprising amount of thought and work that goes into designing a good office, and amongst all of these efforts there are a number of considerations that people might overlook.  Now each of these may have factors that are considered, but there are wider-reaching aspects that definitely can fall under the radar.

Natural light

The idea that simply being able to see is sufficient is not an office design mentality people should have to deal with; in fact, it is thinking that is more akin to running a sweatshop.  People thrive on natural light and being sealed away with no access to it can really damage staff morale as well as work efficiency, as unhappy workers are ineffective workers.  Providing more access to natural light with windows, light paint, and more glass or mirrors should be a top priority.


Another facet of the natural world that has been scientifically proven to improve moods and minds is the presence of plants.  This doesn’t have to be anything grand, a few well-looked-after pot plants can really change the feel of a room, but there are more intuitive design choices such as grass wall panels that can really change things up.

The flow of space

Not mentioning Chi here, but having the right amount of space available for your staff to work in is essential, and so is enabling them to move through it effectively and the acoustic balance it will offer.  Designing a smart and effective floor plan for an office space can be surprisingly in-depth, especially if you have a more open-plan design and need to incorporate features such as private offices and conference rooms.  This is where using office design and fitting companies, can be of tremendous benefit as they have the experience, tools, and facilities to design a fantastic office space with the flow that will subtly aid your workforce.


Out of sight, out of mind is how the saying goes, and there is some truth to this.  For many people a cluttered workspace is a sign of stress and unrest that will hamper attempts at effective working, so providing your staff with enough storage is vital.  However, this is not as simple as more filing cabinets or boxes, you need to make sure that any extra storage doesn’t affect the overall flow of the office, limit movement, and provide extra hazards for staff.  Smartly designed, ergonomic storage is a must and if you have the luxury of designing your office from scratch, then you can get furniture that compliments many of the other ideas on this list.  This will help you to provide a well-thought-out and pleasant working space for anyone lucky enough to use it.

Amy Pearson