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By Amy Pearson June 8, 2022

There are plenty of people out there who love their cars probably a little bit too much, with countless millions being spent on luxury and novelty car accessories every year.  In fact, an entire industry has formed purely to cater to the stranger side of driver’s desires with all kinds of weird and wonderful products on the market today.  If you are a serious 4×4 enthusiast then you are probably going to find these products baffling, but these are all weird products, you just won’t find them being stocked by your regular, quality retailers.  These products are available in many places, but obviously, the internet is the home of the majority of them, and given their weird and wonderful status their availability might not be consistent.

Car lashes

These are eyelashes that sit on top of the headlights of your car and give them the look of a woman wearing mascara – sort of.  The lashes are pretty large to make sure they appear in keeping with the size of the headlights and do actually provide a vaguely comical effect.  These products are normally aimed at cars, especially smaller cars that can be seen as feminine, such as Mini Coopers, but seeing car lashes fitted to a 4×4 is something else entirely.


Sticking with the weird ‘facial’ features, you can not only get eyelashes for your vehicles, but you can also get moustaches as well.  There is actually quite a range available in a variety of colours to accommodate whatever look you are hoping to achieve, but they do all seem to use the classic W-shape in their design.  For a truly striking effect, you should fit your 4×4 with a carstache coupled with some lovely long car lashes!


This is a truly odd one as the novelty value must wear off pretty quickly, but a Vroominator is a small device that plugs into your 12v socket and attempts to generate muscle car noises in time with your accelerations.  Yes, really.  That is all it does, it outputs the sounds of a louder and more powerful engine through what must be a small and low-powered little speaker to make you feel like you are driving a sports car.

Takeaway holders

You can actually get an entire range of arms and holders designed specifically around types of fast food.  Admittedly this is mostly limited to burgers and their accompaniments, but that doesn’t change the fact that somewhere out there is a factory that is producing holders for your 4×4 that are specifically shaped and designed to hold dipping sauce.  This one can stick to the glass of your driver’s window or windscreen whilst another holder can rest handily near the handbrake that is designed for your fries.  This is an absolutely ludicrous set of products and one that is verging on illegal as some countries are starting to tighten up their laws on eating behind the wheel, so be wary if you fancy a takeaway on the go.

Amy Pearson