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By Amy Pearson August 1, 2022

We all know that try as we might, mice can sometimes slip through the cracks and infest our houses and businesses. The important question is what to do and when you get them. Is it something you can take care of yourself or is it better to hire a specialist who knows exactly what they are doing? Here we will take a look at the cost of pest control for mice, how effective it is, and help you decide if you think it will be worth the cost.

How much does pest control cost for mice?

The exact amount of money you need to spend to get rid of your mice problem is tricky to estimate. Because it varies greatly depending on many factors. The size of your property, the degree of the infestation, and the means by which you plan are taken into account. In general, however, you are looking at a couple of hundred dollars and more to properly deal with the issue.

This covers everything, from an inspection to consultation about any current and potential future problems you are having with. As well as following up to make sure it was successful and that they don’t come back.

Is it possible to try and deal with an infestation of mice yourself? With cheap traps and other solutions available for your own use? Well, that’s trickier. Mice are clever, can move around easily, and are hard to find and catch. You could easily invest a great deal of time and money into pest control and find that you didn’t solve the issue. Using professionals like https://www.pestcontrolbrisbane.com with years of experience dealing with unwelcomed guests. This solution will give you the greatest chance of success without the hassle and pitfalls of your own methods.

Is pest control worth it for mice?

Again, the cost will depend on the type of pest control and how tough to get rid of them. If you do choose to brave the job yourself or decide to utilise the skills of a professional, this can alter how much cash you spend on the job. However, there is also the more personal cost of time and effort, and the heathathe the future possible problems might not be worth it. While using a pest control specialist can cost you more upfront. The standard of the work done as well as your peace of mind and lack of hassle can definitely make it feel worth it.

Further, prolonging the infestation can have serious detrimental effects on your property and your family. Mice reproduce quickly, carry diseases, and love to damage possessions and your home. Their smell and scratching sound around is really annoying. They also could physically impact your health and that of anyone in the building. It is definitely worth getting pest control to neutralise all of these negative consequences. 

How do you know when all the mice are gone?

Another potential issue with trying to rid yourself is that it can be tough to know if your efforts have been successful. You may find that it is best to find a mice pest control specialist, who both knows how to prevent and when they are gone.

If you are trying to work it out for yourself, there are a few tips you can use to try and tell:

  • Noise – sounds can be a real giveaway that you have mice. Lacking noise can help you their existence. Sometimes it will be as obvious as squeaking. But more often, you will be able to hear scratching or scrabbling in the walls or rooms as they move around. If your house is silent, then that’s a ‘sound’ situation.
  • Droppings – give your place a thorough cleaning. Particularly around the places where you might have found droppings before. Then keep checking each day for anything fresh or new. If you can’t find any, that can be a good sign.
  • Gnawing – mice will often gnaw away at wires or your possessions. Check around everywhere and if nothing new has been nibbled at, you may have succeeded.
  • Smell – mice do have a smell and while you have an infestation you can even get a little used to it. But once they are gone, your property should start to smell better.
  • Keep putting out traps – just because you think they are no more doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Keep leaving out traps or keep using the same techniques for a while longer. If you don’t see or catch anything then you may well be mice-free.

Another issue with doing the job yourself getting rid of it is not enough. You should also be preventing another infestation in the future. Try and block up any holes or places where they could get in. Make sure you are cleaning and tidying, and not leaving out food or anything that might attract them. Your pest control specialist can help you with further tips and advice if you go that route instead.


While pest control can feel a little pricey, it is essential. Dealing with pests can cause too many problems to be left unchecked. Mice can damage your possessions and property and spread illness, as well as cause you stress and worry. Using the right kind of pest control to successfully get rid of your mice and prevent them from coming back in the future is something worth paying for. And once the last mouse is gone, you will be happy you did.

Amy Pearson